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Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles will often be found loose or dislodged following high winds etc, this is often due to crumbling mortar resulting from the breakdown of the original mortar after exposure to the elements. Water will find its way into any small crack, and if then subjected to a frost, the cracks will be forced wider.

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Rebedding Ridge Tiles

All Ridge Tiles are completely removed, and cleaned of all old mortar or replaced with new Ridge Tiles.

Repoint Ridge tiles

Roof tiles and mortar joints should be checked every other year at a minimum. Repointing simple mortar cracks can prevent leaking roofs and expensive reroofing jobs. Pay extra attention to ridge tiles since they are exposed to weathering from all sides and may exhibit cracks in the mortar joints before other tiles on the roof. If cracks are discovered in the mortar between ridge tiles, the options are repoint the joints or rebed the ridge tile. If the cracks are small and the tile seems firmly bedded, repointing the mortar is an acceptable option. If the cracks in the mortar are as wide as the mortar joint and the ridge tile seems to have some movement, it is a better idea to rebed the whole tile instead of repointing. If you repoint a tile that is no longer firmly bedded, the repair will not last very long and the crack will quickly reoccur.